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Opening Day Store News Welcome

Hello and welcome to my online store, Forest Jewellery.

Well the name says it all really, and I may expand beyond the boundaries of my theme a little bit here and there, now and again, but basically, I do find most of the inspiration for my jewellery designs coming from nature, and indeed my many walks in the forests of both Scotland and Northern Ireland.

At City of Glasgow College where I studied Jewellery Design, I learned many craft skills, such as Silversmithing, Casting, Enamelling, 3D Printing, to name but a few. I have developed products in most of these areas, which will gradually be added to my store. I also really enjoy using hand tools for wire wrapping and adding gemstones into chain, and I like to use a rolling mill to add texture, such as intricate leaf veins, onto silver sheet metal. I will then combine the textured metals with little charms, and gemstone beads, to produce unique pieces.

Thankyou for visiting and hope you enjoy browing these designs.

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